Roulette Wheel Secrets the Casino Doesn’t Want You to understand

Roulette Wheel Secrets the Casino Doesn’t Want You to understand

Roulette is widely popular casino games. It is a pure game of chance and can be played without any skill and you can find a roulette table almost in just about every casino in the world, online or live.

Though this game is solely supported by luck, if you learn these roulette secrets, you’ll be able to significantly improve your odds of winning.

Our expert casino reviewers says, it’s important to keep in mind that every gambling games are nothing but entertainment. The casino wants to benefit on your desire to win. Therefore, they create it very hard for you to win.

These tips will facilitate your hedge your losses and maximize your enjoyment.

Aggressive Minimum Bet

The Aggressive Minimum Bet is a conservative system on roulette. this straightforward method entails slightly more risk than the straightforward “two dozen to very” however, it also provides an even bigger upside.

Make three 2-to-1 bets. this can nearly cover the green slots. Note that three equal bets paying 2-to-1 odds will lose money each time. So, you want to vary the bet amounts.

Place your bets as such its varieties the table minimum

Two times the table minimum

One times the tabletop one

Announced bet and called bet- 

When you play an “Announced Bet” you tell the croupier you wish to bet “Voisins du Zero” or “Tiers du Cylindre” or whichever bet you want to play. you want to hop over the right number of chips for that bet and therefore the croupier places them for you.

When you play a “Call Bet” you tell the croupier which bet you wish and you retain your chips until you lose. this is often described as “playing on credit”. In some places, it might be illegal in your jurisdiction.


Online Roulette wheels

Online roulette games depend upon random number generators to feature the conditions similar to a live game. However, there’s one thing the simulations don’t include, the wear and tear on the wheel.

You’re always fiddling with an ideal wheel in an exceedingly video game. If You’re thinking that you’ll detect bias, and you see it in an online game, that’s a fairly good indicator that you just can’t detect bias.

Reasons to Choose Playtech Casino Software

Casino Software - Playtech

Playtech is buzzing software in casinos. It was founded in 1999by an Israeli entrepreneur and has gained huge popularity as betting game software throughout the entire world. It has provided services to Paddy Power, Sky, Bet365, and Bet fair.

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Playtech provides a one-stop solution to all requirements and this software enables players to play a variety of games without logging in multiple times. The software contains casino table games, slots, poker, live dealer games, and others. The first Playtech casino was introduced in 2001 and then it gained popularity in 2006

Playtech casinos don’t hold back in the progressive jackpot. With the popular games like Beach Life, Gold Rally, and Jackpot Giant Jackpot offered reaches to even a seven-figure payday. 

The Playback table games are fun to play. The games all play very smoothly and impart a look of class that a lot of other software provider games are lacking.

Play tech provides a real-life experience to the player. The graphics, animation, background music and other features of the best playtest games are amazing. It is particularly exceptional for its themed slot games and is usually based on iconic films, series, myths, and comic books

The software is supported on mobile phones. The mobile Hub was opened in 2012 by the company. Around 300 mobile developers are employed by the company who strive to keep the software updated with the recent versions HTML5 technology is used in the mobile gaming technologies. The software is also compatible with smartphones and laptops, and both iOS and Android devices. Players get the option to play on this software using real money. It stands out from other software owing to its unique method of operation. It supports a plethora of features that enhance the casino experience. It supports more than 150 games.

Popular Playtech Casinos:

Bitzstarz casino: This casino allows a sign up bonus up to 500 dollars

Bet 365 Casinos: This casino offers a welcome bonus of 200 dollars. Also, it offers players reload bonus

Casino Tropez: These casinos offer pay-outs to around 90 percent. It allows a progressive jackpot to around 7 figures. It offers a welcome package of $3000

Europa Casino: These casinos offer players an impressive set of games, bonuses, jackpots, and extra features. It has a welcome package of $2400

Vegas Red Casino: These casinos offer $888 to new players. It has a pay-out of over 90 percent

Casino Bellini: It is relatively new and has gained huge popularity is a short period. There are multiple and convenient deposit methods and high bonuses and pay-outs are offered. A 10 to 15 percent of bonus can also be added.

Video slots casino: this casino allows up to 200 dollars sign up bonus

William Hill Casino: This casino offersup to 300 Euros sign up bonus

888 Casino: This casino allows up to 140 Euros sign up bonus

Thrills Casino: This casino allows up to100 Euros sign up bonus and 50 free spins This casino allows up to400 Euro sign up bonus and 200 free spins

Hence the above playtech casinos should be explored if you are looking for high pay-out options.

Money and wealth themed slots

Money and wealth themed slots

Earning more money and becoming wealthy is a dream of everyone. What if you see money and wealth all around you when you play the slots? This may sound like an exciting idea as it may influence you to earn a lot of money while playing the casino. In this article, we will check out the money and wealth themed slots that can make you millionaires:

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Kingdom of wealth

This theme has been around for long. Here you explore the different characters, and you even get a chance of becoming the king. The game has many bonus features, which makes the slot game fun and exciting.

Classic Cash Stax

this slot game has colorful graphics that look appealing. Here you will find a lot of wealth like a gold ring, a silver ring, etc.

Life of riches

this slot has five reels and thirty pay lines. Here you can experience the life of a rich person. You can own private jets, own supercars, yacht, etc.. This gives you free spins bonus, and it has exciting gameplay. 

Medieval Money slot

The symbols in this game are from medieval times. Here you can find knights, armors, castle, traditional fair maiden, etc. Here you can enjoy free spins bonus, bags picker bonus, and wizard spell picker bonus. You can also find the dragon spell bonus.

wealth themed slots

A slot machine is no more limited to a gambling machine at the casinos. Slots largely depend on luck, and minimal strategy is involved. Just spin the reels and match the symbols. As mentioned above, the slots are quite exciting and give you a feel of having a lot of wealth in your possession. These themed slots will break the monotonicity and make you feel fascinating. Among the slot machines, the single line machines and multi-line machines are quite popular.

In multiline machines, the chances of getting increased pay-out increases. Some multiple slots can have huge jackpot pay-outs, while the other multiline slots can have bonus rounds or wild symbols. Free pay models are available at most casinos. The famous multiline slots include Tomb Raider Slot, The Gladiator, The Hulk Slot, and the Beach Life. You can play as many lines as you want. You also get to choose what you want to play on each line. For instance, on a straight multi-line machine, players can play only one coin per line. Multi-line slot machines usually have a higher hit frequency sometimes; it can be 70 percent or higher. In a progressive machine, the top jackpot is not fixed. Stand-alone progressives are not linked to any machines. The money invested in the independent progressive augments the jackpot on that machine only.

Benefits and drawbacks of playing online casinos

Benefits and drawbacks of playing online casinos

If you are a gambling freak, then you must have heard about online gambling. It is something that every gambler should try at least once. It not only provides the composure and a relaxed atmosphere that you will not be able to experience in the land-based casinos but also offers the convenience of gambling. It means you can play the best casino games while sitting in your comfort space. It also makes you able to focus on your strategies but in the noisy casinos, you won’t be able to do so. The online casino allows you to play at your desired environment and ambiance.

Additionally, online casinos offer several fascinating benefits to gamblers. Online gambling is much easier than traditional casinos, especially for the novice gamblers. You can take hours to play your next move which is not possible with the land-based casinos.

So let’s take a dig into the benefits of the online casinos

Multiple gaming options

Online casinos come with multiple gaming options. You can find a list of online casinos that offers several online games such as blackjack, baccarat, video poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, and so on. Apart from that it also allows you to switch games anytime and anywhere. Also in online casinos, you can find the live dealer casino games where you can get the experience of real casino games.

Free casino games

Many online casinos offer free online casino games where the novice gamblers can play free casino games and practice new strategies. Note that if you are a newbie then you should have to play only free games until you are confident to play for real money. Hence this free casino game feature could be the major reason for joining the online gambling.

online casinos
Woman holding royal flash card

Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are other benefits of online gambling. Most of the online gambling websites offer several bonuses and promotions that can help you to earn free money. There are several types of casino bonuses are presented by the casino websites such as welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, real deposit bonus, and free spin bonus. These bonus types play an important role in online casinos. Most of the casino owners offer such types of bonuses to attract the attention of the gamblers and make them insist to sign up with their casino.

After all these benefits, there are still some disadvantages of the online casinos. Firstly you need an internet connection to play online casinos. Hence in the interrupted connection; you will not be able to gamble. Furthermore, downloading software to play games can bring viruses and Trojans. This could hurt your computer and bank account as well. If you will choose an unauthorized casino to gamble, then you can be a victim of fraud. However, it is essential to choose the right gambling site to prevent any kind of scam.

Smart roulette tips that will make you a winner in no time

Smart roulette tips that will make you a winner in no time

Roulette is popular since the seventeenth century. This is a famous game in the casino since long. Players are always in search of the roulette’s in the casino. If you enjoy spinning the wheel you will love playing this game.

In the below article we will check out some tips that will make you the winner:

Eye the Edge

Because of the expansion of an additional zero in American Roulette, the house edge is expanded to a negative 5.26% contrasted with its European partner. European Roulette has split house edge because of its utilization of a solitary zero, making it 2.7%. In case you’re an enthusiast of American Roulette, by all methods take a turn; yet it’s acceptable particularly as a novice to remember that the house has a more prominent bit of leeway of taking your cash.

Manage Your Money Wisely

Discussing cash, note that cash the board in Roulette is significant. In spite of the fact that the compensations of handling a 35:1 odd straight wager may appear to be tempting, the chances are vigorously against you. However the wheels of fortune turn, it’s extraordinary if you win huge, yet you’ll additionally rest easy thinking about yourself if you leave the table having gained your bankroll.

Smart roulette

Be in Control

All things considered, the turn of the wheel will decide the result, and not saw hot or cold streaks. You can have a great deal of fun playing Roulette. The more you are in self-control and self- discipline, the better the chance for your victory. It is important to have a good knowledge of your bankroll. If you have a fair estimate you know how much of money you can invest in betting. If you are unsure, you may end up all your bankroll. You should also know when to call it quits. Maximum players get carried away by emotions. They end up spending more than they had actually planned. It is imperative to stick to your plan while spending.

Find a roulette table with a high max bet and a small minimum bet

this can be an important step to follow at the roulette table. Starting small is important. If you place

The wager should be kept at the same spot unless you actually hit it. You can also place a wager on black or red, even or odd

Thus the above tips can make you winner. Follow the tips and be patient. Also it is important to do strategic thinking to ace the game.

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How do betting exchanges work?

How do betting exchanges work?

Betting exchanges offer the chance for anyone to try out his luck. For instance, if someone thinks Team A will win a contest, he might need to back that selection. A bookmaker offering the punter that bet would be laying that selection. The 2 parties will agree on the backer’s stake and therefore the odds.

To place a bet click on either back or lay next to the choice you are curious about. within the following example, you are backing Arsenal at odds of 4.60. Enter your chosen stake (minimum £2) and your potential profit is displayed within the bet wear the proper.

Firstly, exchanges make money in a different way than bookmakers. Bookmakers allow customers to put back any outcome of an occasion, then they lay the bet themselves offering up their own money within the event the customer’s bet wins. Betting exchanges, however, do not lay any bets themselves but instead believe other customers doing it. Betting exchanges charge a little commission fee on every bet placed to form their money. This fee is just a percentage of estimated winnings.

A betting exchange provides greater choice for punters. Before, if a bookie was not willing to risk the chances or the stake you wanted, you merely could not have your best. With an exchange, you simply got to find another member willing to require on the danger, or in other words to get your bet. Betting exchanges allow users to seek out the odds and markets they need.

Betting on the Smarkets exchange offers you an exciting and fairer thanks to back sports, politics, and other events. The fairness of the Smarkets exchange is that the majority markets are on the brink of 100% – referred to as a good book – whereas bookmakers have a builtin over-round, thus leading to tighter prices.

Betting Exchanges are the centre men in matching opposing views. Suppose say you would like to back Man Utd, and your friend wants to get them. You will organize a bet between you within the pub, after agreeing on the worth, and amount. A betting exchange is analogous except you would not know who you are betting with, and it does not need to be an equivalent one that takes all of the opposite sides of your bet. If your friend only wants to get you Man Utd to lose €20, then you cannot get any longer on. Not so on a betting exchange, your friend can still lay Man Utd to lose €20, but you will back them to win €1000 if you would like.

Best hockey betting sites

Best hockey betting sites

One of the foremost important decisions you will make in your NHL sports betting career is which site you select to put your bets with. No matter whether your end goal is profit or simply added fun, this is often a choice that you simply are not getting to want to require lightly. Now, before you begin getting stressed, we are here to allow you to know that you simply can relax because we have got you covered. During this guide, we are getting to walk you through everything you would like to understand to select absolutely the best NHL betting site for you and your normal or unique wants and wishes.

Betway: Betway is one among the most important names within the world of online gambling, and that they are best known for his or her fantastic sportsbook. They provide a welcome bonus to all or any new players, and this welcome bonus can then be wont to back many various markets. Betway may be a gambling site for fans who never want to be disappointed. They are doing a sizable amount of things well. They provide an all-inclusive sportsbook where you will consistently have more offers to explore. Between the choice, simple use, and bonuses available, Betway is an all-encompassing sportsbook.

Mybookie.AG: One thing bettors can do directly is getting the utmost bonus available once they deposit at A $1,000 bonus with a 10x rollover is rare during this industry. Deposit $2,000 to receive the complete $1,000 in free play.

888sport: 888sport may be a subset of the gambling giant with a selected specializes in online sports betting. After its launch in 2008, 888sport quickly gained notoriety for being an entertaining and well-managed sportsbook that keeps bettors engaged with its assortment of betting lines and bonuses.

Bovada Sportsbook: Bovada Sportsbook’s popularity has risen dramatically in recent years. It had been always a particularly popular betting site within the US market but thanks to the expansion of their poker room and lack of the many reliable options within the US they have become “America’s online sportsbook.”

William Hill Sports: William Hill Sports is delivered to you by one among the oldest betting companies within the world and therefore the company’s experience in providing gamblers with an awesome product shines through on their sportsbook site. You will be treated to generous promotions sort of a weekly $5 free bet and enhanced odds on your favorite bets. you will also back almost anything on the location from the NFL to The Premier League, boxing, cycling, golf, racing, MotoGP, virtual sports, and even politics, who subsequent Pope is going to be or who will win at the Emmy Awards.

Overview of Jhandi Munda

Overview of Jhandi Munda

Do you know about the Jhandi Munda game? And how to play it? Here we come with some of the essential information of the Jandi munda. But before that you must have to know what it is. Jhandi Munda is the most famous game that offers a huge source of entertainment. If you are aware of the ‘Teen Patti’ game or Baccarat game then it may be quite easy for you to master this particular game. There are many JhandI Munda websites as well where this game can be played online. It is also known as ‘Langur Burja’ in Nepal and Bhutan and ‘Crown and Anchor’ in other countries. It had started as a street game but has highly evolved since then and currently, it is popular even online as well. This game is generally played between six players.

Jhandi Munda is a popular Indian gambling game which is played with six dices. If you have a fair idea of the hot and cold numbers of the roulettes then you can ace this game easily. The dice has different symbols like Heart, Spade, Diamond, Club, Face etc. Generally, players bet on which symbols will face up. The online venues offer multiple tables for this game.

Although you need to have the blessings of lady luck if you want to win this game there are some strategies you can consider while playing this game:

Your losses can be limited by setting up the maximum losses per session. You can additionally limit the number of deposits made by you.

You can speculate on which symbols appear often and you can place your bet accordingly

The online gaming sites offered you an option of self-exclusion where you can take a break and re-join after a specific period per your convenience.

Jhandi Munda offers you a great winning potential. For instance, you can get a return to player of 97.14%. Here you can remain assured of your payments and withdrawals. Now the smartphones also allow you to play this popular game on your mobile.

The game originated in Arunachal Pradesh and it is legal to play there however the online and offline versions are banned in many places of India because it is considered as illegal. There are two available variations of this game. There is a basic version where the return is not fixed and in the other type, the return can be fixed.

Some common terms of Jhandi Munda that you should know:

Jhandi: Refers to the flag symbol in the dice

Munda: refers to the crown symbol in the dice

Paan: This is the Hindi word for the heart symbol

Chiriya: refers to the club symbol

Hot symbols: These are the symbols which have faced up quite often

Cold Symbol: These are the symbols which have not appeared

Host: refers to the person who rolls the dice

Player: Refers to the person who places the bet

Eent: Hindi word for the diamond symbol

So here we have some of the basic rules of the jhandi munda by casino win 88 and you will learn to how you can master in it. If you are newbie, then you must have to know about these basics to get success. What do you think about it? Share your views with us.

Kinds of casinos

Kinds of casinos

In today’s hi-tech world online casinos or virtual casinos are a great platform gifted by technology which is a perfect blend of fun and excitement. These internet casinos are online versions of conventional casinos which are made up of brick and mortar. Virtual gambling can be played effortlessly on laptops, mobiles, etc provided these devices are connected to high-speed networks. 

Online casinos offer players to play and bet on online gambling through the internet within the comfort of their homes.

Category of online casinos  

Virtual casinos are chiefly categorized into three classes namely (a) Web-based online casinos (b) Download-based online casinos and Virtual Reality online casinos. Check the details below for these casinos 

Web-based Online Casino

Web-based casinos are those platforms where people play casino games on their computer without downloading play the games, we need browsers supported plugins like Java, Macromedia Shockwave, & Macromedia Flash. In addition to these plugins, and browsers like chrome, firefox, we need a high-speed internet connection to have uninterrupted gaming experience as all animations, sounds & graphics are loaded through these plugins. Some online casinos allow users to play the game through the HTML interface.   

Download Based Online Casinos

To Play or wager on your favorite games, you need to download the software on your local computer. These Softwares are directly connected with the casino service provider and look after the contact without browser help. Download-based online casinos generally run faster than web-based casinos with the help of software that controls the graphics & sound programs of these Download-based online casinos. Sometimes, with initial downloading and installation process takes much time moreover the danger of the program containing malware prevails, which acts as a demit for this kind of casinos.

Download Based Online Casinos

Virtual reality Online Casinos

This platform provides the Indian gamblers with the 360-degree gaming experience. Virtual reality online casinos take the bookies present reality and add to it, with virtual aspects on their actual real-life surroundings. they introduced a different range of products and features that involves the positive aspects of software and live dealer games with virtual reality add-ons.     

Online Casino Games

The different kinds of Online Casino Games being offered at the online gambling Platforms include 

  1. Roulette
  2. Baccarat
  3. Craps
  4. Sic bo
  5. Slot machines
  6. Video Pokers
  7. Bingo
  8. Teen Patti
  9. Blackjack


Bonuses are the marketing strategies used by online casinos to attract new players. These bonuses act as the initial deposit of the user. The variety of bonuses that are offered are mentioned below;

  1. Welcome Bonus
  2. Referral Bonuses 
  3. Cashback Bonus
  4. No Deposit Bonus 
  5. Sticky Bonus 


Nowadays the concept of online casinos is gaining more and more popularity day by day. Irrespective of the fact, that the virtual casinos have provided the gamblers with the opportunities to bet on their favorite game. It becomes important for the player to go through the terms and conditions of the casinos before wagering their hard-earned money.


Casino Games VS Sports Betting

Casino Games VS Sports Betting

Casino games refer to the games available in casinos. Casino is a favourite destination to the players who like to get an adrenaline rush. The introduction of mobile devices by India PlayBet brought online casinos to everyone’s fingertips.

A sports betting is an assimilation of repeated practices or rules that a sports bettor will do or use to make winning sports betting picks. Let’s check out a few examples. When you decide that you are going to bet NFL home underdogs when the spread is greater than 7 points, you utilize a sports betting system. When you think about betting all-state champion wrestlers during their UFC commences, you utilize a sports betting system. If you are betting any NFL home team that is favoured by three to seven points. 

Any set of parameters that aids you to select winners is a sports betting system. The system can be simple like the first two examples, or it can be much more complex. Sports betting systems can become more complex than this by using a lot of complex formulas. 

Sports betting system can be a check-off system or a mathematical formula that produces a desired line. 

The common casino games include:

  • Bingo
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • BlackJack
  • Poker
  • Keno
  • Craps

Common sports betting games include:

Sports betting can be done on the below games:

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Cricket and other ball games

Other popular types include: Money line Bets, Pari-Mutuel Bets straight bets, Head-to-Head bets, Total Line bets

The major difference between online casinos and sports betting is that the latter is generally not available online.

Below are the benefits of a sports betting system and some of the differences with casino games?

benefits of a sports betting

Spot the winner and you can win a lot of money. You can develop your winning strategy by guessing the winner in sports betting. Whereas in casino betting you can become the winner by choosing the right set of games and strategies

In sports betting equation is prioritized over emotion: If you are undisciplined emotion may creep in but in all other scenarios equation takes importance. In casino games lady luck and tricks are important

Sports betting system are dependent on statistics whereas casino gaming is dependent on strategies.  

Choose the right games- This is an important step in both casino games and sports betting. For sports betting, you can create a checklist of the games that suit your needs.

You can track your results closely in sports gaming to get optimum performance.

Sports betting systems helps you to add structure to your sports betting and provide a fantastic way of winning. Developing own system has its benefits, but it will require a lot of hard work, research, and some expertise. 

Hence the above article shows you which games to bet on and also helps you to comprehend the difference between sports gaming and casino games. You need to pick your game judiciously to become a winner and to win a huge deal of money. The right strategies and proper gameplay can help you to ace any game.